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Each student, each day

Inclusion and personalized attention in a small class setting with a faculty team approach to educate each student in every grade.

Engaging classes

From clear goals to differentiated curricula and teaching strategies our faculty work endlessly to make learning enticing for each type of learner.

Give students an edge

All our students graduate and successfully enter college.

Safe and secure

Knowing your child is in good hands in high school is the peace of mind our parents look for in a school.

Great Canadian Shoreline line clean up

Rain or Shine North Star Academy Laval's student lead the Great Canadian Shoreline line clean up today. This national conservation program that provides Canadians the opportunity to take action in their communities wherever water meets land, one bit of trash at a time. Our students collected items from lighters to stereophone!

The W.E.G ( Wild Life Environmental Group) has been going strong for over 10 years at NSA. This year, we implemented a no plastic bottle policy at school. I am so very proud of their ongoing dedication to being part of the solution!

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Graduating Class Breakfast

Graduating Class Breakfast

The graduating year for any student is one to commemorate and celebrate. With one chapter closing on their lives we feel that this is the perfect time to reflect on the years that were; friendships that have been formed, shared experiences that have been had and a shared understanding that something bigger is just around the corner.

Visit to Pointe-a-Callière Museum

Pointe-a-Callière Museum Visit

Long before Montréal was founded, Natives camped for centuries on the point where the Little Saint-Pierre River met the St. Lawrence River – right where Pointe-à-Callière Museum stands today. What better way to learn about the history of our city than to experience it first hand! It is for this reason that the grade 9 class visited the Pointe-a-Callière Museum for a tour and presentation on the beginnings of Montreal from the point of view from the first occupants on the point. What cultural family did they belong to? Were they nomadic or more sedentary? What were they doing on the point? We uncovered various artifacts that exhibited the various characteristics of the aboriginal groups and made us further their way of life.

We teach not only for school, but for life

Bringing the world to our students and our students to the world is a key focus of our school —through diverse extra-curricular activities and by connecting students with community through projects, volunteer opportunities, visits, and travel—learning to become active citizens in a community.

We teach not only for school, but for life.
Your private school in your community for your child.



  • The reason why I like North Star Academy is because the teachers are very organized and they make sure you understand what you are learning. Since it is a small school everybody knows everyone. It is easy to make friends, there is also no bullying. The classrooms are small with less than 20 students. I’ve made so many friends who are now special people in my life. Thank-you NSA Samantha
    -- Samantha

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We are known for our small class sizes, our focus on individualized learning and customized programs and strategies that guide students to develop at their own pace, within high academic standards.

Our online system allows you to stay connected at home, knowing when tasks are assigned, when results are posted for your child, upcoming projects and events, and easy access to reach each of us, at any time.

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